Monday, July 4, 2011

Settled and ready ... hopefully

Well, this is the last day of our Orientation's "Welcome Days." We 88 ETA grantees to SK have spent the last two days traveling from Incheon Int'l Airport to little Goesan (which is really pronounced Gwehsan - romanization is evil!), settling in and meeting each other, eating well (in my opinion), and getting ready for the beginning of REAL orientation.

I suppose I should start with something on the flight, but since I was unable to take pictures of my Korean experience I'm afraid I won't be able to describe it very well. Let's just say that the 14 hour flight felt much nicer than the 4 flights I have taken across the Atlantic to Spain. Korean Air is just superb. Period. It truly did not feel like the long flight that it was, I was able to sleep well (enough) and eat well, and the leg room was fabulous. Everyone might consider coming to SK just to experience Korean Air. It might be worth it...

Anyway, we arrived in SK to be greeted by torrential rain, drove through torrential rain for 2 hours to Jungwon University (the site of our orientation), and carried our luggage through some of the thickest humidity I've ever been in, and tried to settle in quickly before starting the orientation program. My roommate had already arrived on an earlier flight the day before from her homestate of Hawaii, so that helped with my own moving in. She is very lovely, but I will talk about Miss Korena B. in another blog.

So we've eaten Korean meals 5 times now. And each time it's been so delicious. I HAD THE BEST GRAPE TOMATOES EVER for my first meal here!!! Anyone eating these would completely understand why tomatoes are classified as fruit. So fresh and tasty with that lovely sweetness that only really good vegetables can have - it was a highlight for sure. But of course the kimchi is pretty good...The only weird thing is having a "regular" meal for breakfast.

I thought about it though, and I have to say that it is kind of weird that we Americans and Western Europeans have such a different expectation for what breakfast should consist of. I mean, food is food right? And there isn't really anything particularly "natural" about eating eggs and toast and other "breakfast only" sort of foods in the morning. In fact, I think we might be weirder for having such a segregated meal ideal for breakfast. Just something I noticed. I, for one, quite like having bulgogi (yummy grilled meat that an American palate would most likely expect at dinner) for breakfast!

Alright, then. Here are some pics of the room for all of you to whet your appetite with until the next blog.


Jungwon Univeristy is BEAUTIFUL. This is me next to one of their "pavilions." Once I get more pictures of the campus, Lulu and I will make a whole post on the University.

The view into room 1002. Yep, we're on the 10th floor!

The bathroom...

Notice the shower head, yet no stall like you might expect. You just shower in the room...which leaves a puddle. Strangely, I'm getting used to the persistent wetness quickly.

My desk and a half with the 3rd unused (storage) bed behind.

Random wall. Seriously, Korena and I don't understand it's purpose other than limiting the options for re-arranging furniture. Also includes the sliding tinted windows...odd.

My bed. Korean beds only consist of a mattress cover, and mattress pad, and a coverlet-like blanket. No fitted sheet or loose sheet. Actually pretty easy to sleep with.

Lulu ready for Korean class tomorrow morning ... for 4 HOURS STRAIGHT!!

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  1. the shower looks really weird but other than that the rooms looks a tight but decent. Sounds like you're having fun!