Friday, July 1, 2011

Waiting before the journey begins...

I'm sitting in the Richmond Airport as I wait for my flight to JFK.We'll begin boarding soon...but so far there aren't many people here which is good. Hopefully the plane won't be too full...but maybe people just aren't as "on-time" as I try to be.

Saying goodbye to the family and best friends was easier than I thought it would be. Most likely because I won't really feel their absence until I'm surrounded by people who are all speaking a very foreign language in a very far away place. It was still a good goodbye though.

Security was a breeze. No one in line - which was good since my carry-on and "personal item" were quite large and required a lot of unpacking. I would go into the luggage situation more here, but I think I might have more to say after landing a walking through Incheon in SK with all of it!

Anyway, here are two pictures then...One of my new travel companion, Lulu FruFru Howard. She is a pink flamingo. I figure since I won't be in most of my pictures, I need a subject to show off the scale of things. Besides, she's pretty.

Lulu and I sad from saying goodbye to Alex, Chelsea, Taylor, Marissa, Mom & Dad.

Lulu waiting with class. (Also note the empty gate!)

Very well then. I believe I'm off whether I'm ready or not.

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