Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A quick bit on my new family...TOP SPINNING!!

Ok, so since I just took this video, I though I might as well put it up sooner rather than later and give you all two posts in a row to chew on!

I pretty much explain everything in the video...But in terms of my new host family, I believe they are a much better fit for me. At the very least, they have very different personalities than my last family. The host mom is a home economics teacher at my school ...although Korean Home Ec. is not at all the same as the American kind. She's very lovely. And I have a 12year old sister now and a 9year old brother who speak very serviceable English. They will be able to benefit from me much more than my ex-host siblings. The host dad works in construction and is away from home during the week and returns home only on the weekends. I will meet him for the first time this Saturday.

Anyway, here's me and the new brother having my new room by the way!

Hope you enjoyed that! More to come... :-)

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  1. That's pretty cool, Top Spinning that is! Glad you like your new host family.