Friday, September 2, 2011

A walking tour of my new home! ...and pictures!

On a slightly more fun note than my last post, here is a video (I guess I'm vlogging now) of my new home at 상아 (Sang-ah) Apartments in Mannyeon-dong Daejeon! I had a hard time getting this video to I went ahead and made a YouTube account...only people with the link will be able to view the video though.

The food was actually delicious afterwards...although the thing I had to fry actually was like a porkchop. No idea meat was involved until I bit into it...probably should have cooked it some more. But I ate everything else!

Generally food in Korea is very cheap, and so eating in and cooking for yourself is even less expensive than eating out! So hopefully I will have a chance to learn how to cook a few things this year!

...Also, since this video was made a while ago, I also have another web photo album to share: A trip with my family to the National Cemetery. There are two in Korea - one in Seoul and one in Daejeon.

Visit to the National Cemetery

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