Sunday, March 4, 2012

A little update...

Hello All!

Yes, yes...I have been absent for far too long! But I have a few quick things to share!

First, please make your way over to my Facebook profile to view the pictures I added to the Cheongran album. These are all photos taken from my last days of teaching in 2011. The class which won the pizza party (for the best participation, attitude, etc...) had a great time doing classic "jump" pictures with me. I've seen only a few of these students since starting classes again last Friday. They are all mature second graders now, too cool to visit their old English teacher... ;)

Speaking of new classes, school has begun again. But no students yet. The first graders are doing orientation activities. So I'm just sitting in my classroom, waiting to hear from my coteacher about our schedule (which she says is coming soon, but I know'll be another 3-4 days I'm betting!), and preparing for introductory lessons and my Spring Semester clubs.

Speaking of clubs...Since we did not have a Winter English Camp offered at my school, I have been required to do the hours (20) during this semester. At first, I was not happy about this extra work. BUT! Then I realized I could have full control over this club...autonomy and authority at last! So I've made a small 8-member advanced English Reading Club. Here's the new blog:

We will be reading Avi's Poppy, a personal favorite of mine. I'm really looking forward to starting the club. Do take a look at the Important Documents tab to read the proposal, agreement, and projected syllabus. Really Excited about that. ^^

love from kimchi land,

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