Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Very Korean Field Day

Really translated as "Sports Day," my high school's Field Day this past Tuesday was unlike anything I had ever attended in a high school. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of last fall's festival...Again, I was shown how creative and energetic these usually exhausted memorizing robots really are!

They were only allowed three sports (because the Principal doesn't like how much time it takes up): tug-of-war, something I don't know the name of (where they basically hop on one leg, the other one bent meant to jab into their opponents and knock them over-see picture below), and a few track activities (baton relay and single racing).

It lasted from 9am to 2pm. And there was a lot of cheering. I mean, A LOT OF CHEERING!!! And it was really quite lovely. All the teachers got into it as well, since the "teams" are the students' homerooms. So the teachers obviously wanted their homeroom to come out on top.

At the end there was a spirit award and of course first place to the team that had the best score in all the events. (That winning team is the team I'm closes to in the video above!)

Also, I should mention the third grade students did not participate. They were nowhere to be found...I think they got a day off, since later that week there was a practice 수능 (soo-neung; the Korean SAT).

In total, it was way cooler than American elementary school field day...More competitive, more creative, more spirit, and more fun!

Here are the links to view more pictures and some video I took:  -  A video of the second-grader (11th grade American high school) side cheering. Most of their cheers go along the lines of just shouting their homeroom number (1 - 10) in a rhythmic way!  -  A video of the first-grader (10th grade) side cheering. The first class you see with the white shirts, red bows and black shorts won the spirit award with their unique cheers set to popular K-Pop songs! (same video as above)

And photos:


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